Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Love compatibility for Aquarius and Leo

Love compatibility for Aquarius and Leo: Above Average

The combination of Leo and Aquarius can be very titillating and exhilarant. Leo is closely affiliated with fire sign. Leo loves to be center of attraction and needs a lot of attention. Leo is always in search for excitement and always wants to keep the spark in life. Leo is caring and loyal. On the other hand Aquarius is inquisitive .Aquarius is very good with words .

Aquarius is concomitant with mental abilities and is very good at expressing itself. This openness of Aquarius can actually stimulate the Leo to easily open up as Leo otherwise usually takes time to open up with people. Leo can bring spark the love life of both .Aquarius is very imaginative and creative and bring new experiences in their romance which can impress Leo who is in search for new experiences. 

Aquarius are best at socializing and making friends which is liked by Leo.On the other hand Aquarius are tenacious and sometimes very opinionated..Also Aquarius is not very emotional and as a result sometimes, Leo might fee  that Aquarius is unattached to him or her if he doesn’t receive enough attention from his partner.

 This is a sign that both may not have a long term relationship. Leo  is always constantly seeking attention ,which he might not receive from Aquarius. In that case, Leo might feel deflated and rejected by his partner Aquarius. This might lead to conflicts However , These conflicts might get resolved if Aquarius remains calm and Leo understands his partner.

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